What is a zero-waste store?

Recent media coverage such as Blue Planet 2 and National Geographic’s Planet or Plastic? Campaign have increased the awareness of the amount of plastic that we use in every day life – a typical trip to the supermarket will show an abundance of plastic produce bags, plastic containers, plastic wrapping and plastic dishes of microwavable food. We really do need apples in a plastic tube…

What is the consequence of all this? Approximately 270,000 tons of plastic is floating on the surface of the world’s oceans and an estimated 700 marine species are being threatened with extinction as a consequence.

This is where zero waste grocery stores come in. These shops have removed all forms of unnecessary waste. That means no products that come in individual plastic wrappers, encased in cardboard — just a variety of package free loose products. Customers can take their own containers and refill in store – so everyone can have a pantry so beautiful it needs to be on show.

Another benefit is that if you need one cinnamon stick for a recipe, you can buy a single cinnamon stick. This means that you can have cupboards filled with useful things, rather than half used packets and jars of food.
The zero waste grocery store trend is starting to take off in the UK, some of the best can be found here

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